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Originally Posted by spinnetti
Depends on the plane-its incorrect to assume you can't both have a good flying airplane and at least a scale outline. Not like the GWS way off scale canopy made it fly better. GWS had a great opportunity to build a nice bird at no extra cost, but apparently put the "C" team on it... the 262 is a great example of looking "right" even though the motor nacelles can't be sized right and still work well. Their P40 also looks really nice. Besides, FSK has a beautiful scale 190 that flies excellent, and Alfas 190's are nearly as good and also fly great. Here's examples of great flying FW190s: The FSK, ALFA, a reference image and my almost complete, nearly full scale struts I'm making for my FW190. You can have it all with a bit of effort..... I'll probably get a GWS190 at some point and "fix it".
Yes spinnetti, I take back what I said. You can often have a 100% scale outline and get away with it. I also agree that GWS could have done better with their FW-190, but you know that already. The reason I went with the GWS 190 is that it is so easy to modify to fit retracts and flaps. It's just a pity you have to fix all the other stuff too.
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