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HELP!! Can't get this smile off my face!

I got to go flying today. Not rc but the real thing. Had a customer come in to the store and we got to talking about planes, (I know he has one) and he says lets go!
I look at him and ask if he is kidding?
He says "I'm serious!)
I say "Let's go!"
My employee says "You have a meeting in 15 minutes!"
I say "Just tell him I'm detained for about an hour, if he wants to sell me something he will wait!"

It was great, we take off, climb to 2,000 feet and he says your plane. I must have flown the plane myself for about 40 minutes. It was so much easier than flying r/c or microsoft simulator. The plane was a Cessna 172 and handled like a dream, we flew through light turbulence and I still managed to keep the wings level through it all. I found myself using the artificial horizon and the climb rate gauge more than looking out the window for reference. We did coordinated turns, climbs, descents, touch and go's. I was really shocked at how well I did, granted it was mostly straight and level with some turns, but it was my first time with a yoke in my hand.
I'm phyched and ready to go again.

It was a great hour that provided an all day smile!
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