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The Specification for the Accu-Cycle manual states:

Input Voltage 14.5 V @ 2.5 Amps

The AC Adapter that comes with the Accu Cyle provides an output that is full wave rectified with a zero to peak voltage of 20 volts no load. Loaded with 5.5 ohms the voltage drops to 17.6 volts. There is no filtering of consequence on the output. (rectified sine drops to zero at 180 deg)

My cheap meter (not RMS) is an average meter calibrated in RMS for sine waves, reads:

12.75 Vdc No Load
11.24 Vdc Loaded @ 11.24/5.5= 2.04 Amps

To convert zero to peak measurements to RMS multiple by 0.637
(RMS V = V/1.414)

I don't think the Accu Cyle is all that fussy about the supply as long as it will hold above 11 volts @ 2.5 Amps it should deliver the 2.0 amps charge current to any single output.

Your supplly is rated at 12 V @ 0.5 Amps. (12V x 0.5 Amps = 6 VA)
You will not be able to use the Accu Cycle at it's full capability and you may risk damage if you accidentally program a larger current than the charger can handle.

My Electrifly PolyCharge 4 does not like the Accu Cycle wall adapter at all because of the unfiltered output.

I knew Bernard was going to have a fine review of the Accu Cycle Elite when it started with "Once upon a time......"

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