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Originally Posted by Josiah

Study the wiring diagrams on page 8, you will see what I am talking about. Even with one servo on the canards you still need to mix...

On Page 11 we have "8. R/C system & wiring"

The first section of this is for "EDF power system". With this system the canard only operates in pitch using only one servo.

The second is for "Pusher version power system" . Again with the canards operating only in pitch using one servo.

The third "For using mixing/delta function on the front stabilizers only" is used for canards that operate in both pitch and roll mode using two servos.

I have a JR PCM 10X transmitter that allows for either + or - mixing plus servo reversing on all 10 channels.

I will use the set up with the canards operating in pitch mode only. The in Tx mixing that I will need to use will be the same as the flap elevator mixing plus flaperons used on my Formosa II except the flap/elevator mixing will be in the opposite direction. This mixing can be switched on and off as required. On the delta wing I will then have elevons and the canard will provide extra up or down force at the nose but no roll force.

My Club has a 200 x 10-meter hot mix strip that was designed to allow operation of gas turbine powered models so I will have a lot of room to accelerate to a high speed before TO. The reports that the canards alone are not enough to lift the nose on TO indicates that the CG may be too far forward.

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