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EP 100 is a bit delicate. Your going to need a TX, RX, servos, motor, speed control, gyro. The EP 100 might cost you more than 160 dollars to get in the air. Go to a local hobby shop and try out real flight simulator. Try flying a heli. Now each time you crash just remember you could be spending $50 dollars or more to do repairs. Then also remember the simulator helps but it still doesn't teach you how to set up your heli, repair it and some of the flight characteristics are not realistic. Even after you master the flight sim, you won't be able to hover the real thing right off the bat, but you will be a bit closer than without it.

Also remember smaller helis are harder to fly than bigger helis. The bigger the heli the more stable it is to fly. I suggest you get a coax heli first. When setup it will hover hands free. I like your enthusiasm, but its going to get crushed fast if you jump in blind.
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