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Flaps are measured at the root; ailerons are measured at the tip. Dial caliper goes on the outside (not centre to centre)

Cruise: Wing & tail surfaces are even. (CG @ 80mm) Aileron throw is: Up-12mm&Dwn-6.75mm; Flaperon throw is: Up-10mm & Dwn-6mm. Elevator throw is: Up-5.5mm & Dwn-6.5mm. This gives the 1mm of differential travel that is needed for proper rudder (Rudder needs more on the down-going surface)

Speed: Flaps up 3.75mm; Ailerons to match. All throws the same as in Cruise mode. (About 50% Differential in my radio)

Thermal: Flaps down 4.5mm; Ailerons 1-click less; Elevator a couple clicks down. (The elevator needs to be adjusted so the model does not slow down very much in thermal mode….(Keep the speed up and let the model run…) Again all throws the same as in Cruise mode, but I dial the differential up to about 70% for less throw on the down-going surfaces. (So I don’t tip-stall when going slow)

Landing: Butterfly; Flaps Dwn-38mm. Ailerons Up-6mm. Elevator Dwn-4mm

Throws; again everything the same as in Cruise mode, but I disable the flaperons. REMEMBER, my “zero” measurement would be the thickness of the trailing edge… In the case of the elevator that would be about 1mm… That is why the measurements seam like a lot!

I’ve included a photo of me taking a measurement; to give you an idea how I do it.

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