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Separation: Induced or Radiated RF
- Electromagnetic energy falls off at an inverse square of the distance. Double any distance and you have reduced the RFI by four times.
- VidTX and/or DataTX should be as far away from the RC antenna as possible.

Isolation: Conducted RF
- Use Opto isolated ESCs and linear regulators (yes, there are switching regulators out there that work; Intelligent Flight makes some). Linear regulators are less efficient but do not produce RFI the way a switching regulator might. I really like the brand of linear regulators.
- Use a separate video battery and regulator to keep the RC system and video system isolated.
- Twist servo wires to cancel stay signals

- Avoid Ground Loops; common circuits should have a common negative ground.
- Add a ground plane (counterpoise). Adhesive backed copper foil can be added to the underside of a fuselage for a ground plane. This is usually not necessary for low power systems (<1W).

Quality: Component Selection
- One should use the best RC gear one can afford especially the RC receiver.
- Use layouts that have worked for others as a starting point for any project.

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