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Hey guys,

First off we did not use the scale airfoils, we use one that we felt would be fine for the model and still make it very easy to construct in mass production. Using the scale airfoils would have been a mess in mass production was out original thoughts.

The plane will fly slower than the Cub with flaps up or down. All in all you could fly our J-3 Cub on our Power 15 we came to realize later down the road, and would need the 25 for float flying.

The reason for recommending the 60 amp ESC is if some start with the Power 25 and then later on want to climb on the float program, they only neeed buy a new motor, and not a new ESC as well. The difference in price is only $10 between the two.

Winter has been pretty tough here this year and we still have not been able to get any float video footage. I will say that when flying off of floats on a still to nearly still lake, if you take off with full flaps, you just apply power and watch, she will lift off in about 125 feet on her own without any elevator input. If you do not use flaps for take off then you need a small amount of up elevator to break her loose from the water. With half flaps, she lifts off with just a slight hint of up elevator. Descending in with full flaps, the approach is slow and easy. This one blows the Cub away on floats, hands down.

For those that might wonder, the reason we do not video some of hte first flights is because the trim schemes are routinely not complete as we are tweaking and adjusting to ensure the best look and apperance both in the air and on the ground. Don't want to video the worng plane if you know what I mean. As soon as we have a pond or lake where the water moves (everything is froxen over right now) we will get out and get some footage for you guys.

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