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Originally Posted by John Redman
Flying Beaver,

I think you will be hard pressed to find a model that spans 68 inches that weighs under 5 pounds ready to fly on wheels.


Don't get me wrong, I think you guys did an awesome job on the Beaver. For an ARF, it looks extremely scale, and the scale details are great. You and everyone else involved with it have my congratulations for producing a beautiful model. I'll probably even buy one when they are available!

I probably should wait until I see it fly to complain about the wing loading. Some models just seem to fly "lighter" than others with the same loading.

It's just that I've seen far too many civilian "light" aircraft models that were far too heavy to fly realistically. Many have to streak around more like a jet or a warbird, to remain airborne.

My dear old Super Cub, built from a Dare J-3 kit, spans just over 60", and weighs right at 2 lbs., ready to fly. At 535 sq. in., the wing loading is about 8.5 oz./sq. ft. Those who see it fly say it looks very realistic, in the air.

My Super Cub is probably too light, (fragile) to be practical for an ARF, but it does have over 150 hours of logged flight time, and three bad crashes along the way, and is still going strong.

Sorry about the long ramble, but I just had to demonstrate that a good sized scale model of a civilian light plane can have a much lighter wing loading than your Beaver.

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