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Electrifying a Neptune Seaplane - help please!

Hi Guys,

My wondeful wife was good enough to give me a Neptune Seaplane

for Xmas, and I'm planning on flying it electric. I have an Emax 2826 which is a very sweet looking Axi clone and it provides about 3 kilos of thrust on a 13 inch prop from memory, so should be perfect.

Now mounting the motor shouldnt be a problem. I have ordered an adjustable mount which should make it easy to fit inside that pod at about the right place.

The problem is, I'm not sure where the rest of the gear will go. Has anyone done the Neptune electric?

I'm wondering where your suppossed to put the battery and ESC. Do you put the ESC in the pod, and then run long leads down into the fuse for the battery?
IF so, how do you get them to fit, because there is no way that the battery leads plus the receiver lead from the ESC is going to fit down that thin channel designed for one servo lead.

I'm wondering where the guys who have done it, have put the battery anyway. There doesnt seem to be room in the fuse, unless you put it right up the front somehow. I noticed in the video on the net
that there seems to be a forward hatch. There is not in my version, only an aft hatch near the vertical stablizer. Is this how the old version was, or has this hatch been added to fit the battery perhaps??

I'm going to have to use long leads somewhere. I can just have the motor up in the pod and run long motor leads down to the ESC in the Fuse, or I can fit the ESC in the pod with the motor and run Long battery leads down to the battery in the fuse. ( although I'm not sure how I'm going to do this because the channel doesnt seem big enough for all these wires). But which is the best option for long leads - motor to ESC or ESC to battery? I think there will be cooling issues with a big 60 amp ESC humming away in that watertight fuse anyway....

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated?

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