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Originally Posted by **neons**
I like Chris F's overlay drawings. As far as scale goes, I think it is a matter of what you want to float your boat. GWS seems to have done their home work here. I think a true scale FW-190 model's flight charecteristics won't match the configuration that GWS came up with. The longer nose moments will help balance the plane better and smoothen the flight for a more general RC flyer. The larger tail surface will give a better control and forward stability even though there size would add weight in the tail section. If the stock scale nose was kept, you may then have to add more weight up front to get the CG right thus a heavier logy handling plane. It is a trade off here. I like scale planes very much but in practicality manufacturers would lose some of their purchasing audience. The newbie will have one heck of a time to get a scale plane to fly. GWS as other companies widened there purchasing audience by doing this. The scale plane cannot fly as good as the modified version in my opinion. I hear there is a designation (standoff scale) for the these type of planes. It all boils down to flight experience on the stick and your personal choice here.
**Neons** Bob
Hi Bob,

I am sure you are generally right about many 100% scale models having some unsavoury flight characteristics, especially warbirds that were designed for manoeuvrability. I agree with spinnetti that models don't need to be 100% scale, but at least look right. As you say, what looks right is in the eyes of the beholder, but the supplied cowl on this model spoils it for me. My model balances on the wing spar without extra weight. Although my cowl still isn't quite scale it looks better than the GWS one, well to me anyway. I think GWS could make this model look better and fly just as well with minimal changes.
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