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The reason beginners "don't do scale"

Originally Posted by **neons**
.................... I like scale planes very much but in practicality manufacturers would lose some of their purchasing audience. The newbie will have one heck of a time to get a scale plane to fly. GWS as other companies widened there purchasing audience by doing this. The scale plane cannot fly as good as the modified version in my opinion. I hear there is a designation (standoff scale) for the these type of planes. It all boils down to flight experience on the stick and your personal choice here.
**Neons** Bob
edit; sorry, I was typing while spinetti was posting;

You say it so well; first, MY impression is that GWS is NOT in ANY MEANS into "true scale" planes................ and as you said, if these planes WERE true scale, the scalers would often have a ROUGH time getting them to balance, and most ifportant of all, GWS sales would go down so fast that a large percentage of buyers would stop buying. They/me/we wnat planes that ESEMBE scale while being easier to fly........ ok, ok, ok,...... Formosa, not for a beginner, but, uh, it's not in the SCALE category either....

True Scale planes are generally built by modelers who are higher skilled than guys like me, and I think, guys that BUY GWS in general...... I'm getting long winded............ GWS seems to addressing a market like me that simply wants to have fun at a generally lower price............

I'll gladly stand corrected if I made an error here.

LarryR : )
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