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oops wrong name..

I had a chance to try EOS 0610i DUO. It is 2 0610i (180W each) in one box (even has 2 cooling fans). Size is only slightly larger than 0610i.
Sharing one LCD, switching with 'CH' bottun, each port can do independent charging (any different batt type and config). With SYNC mode, you can charge same type and capacity (but different voltage) of pakcs together, just like networked 2 0610i. SYNC mode is good to charge high cell count pack (8S A123/Lipo as 3S+5S etc).

Inside, it may be one CPU is controlling 2 ports, sometimes they are not totally independent (like during one port checking voltage etc) but it does not intrude operation much. You can start charging each port any time independently. Much better option rather than buying 2 0610i chargers, unless your pack is very large and requires 250W power.

So Raydee, you can use 0610i DUO as 2 0610i (with a bit less output). In SYNC mode, it can charge same type of battery (Lipo, A123, same mAh) and different voltage packs. 180W limit is enough to charge your 6S 5000mAh pack at 1C.

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