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This thing is awesome!!

Gidday All,
Got my Bat a couple of weeks ago and Im totally impressed. The speed it flies at is incredible, yet I have flown it in about 5 knots!! Its amazing in light wind. I was worried at first due to the fact it weighed out at 32oz! Its recommended weight is 20oz!
On its maiden flight, it was blowing 7-8 knots and I expected it to be more of a maiden "glide" than flight. To my surprise, I landed it half an hour later to have a smoke. Unbelievable! The fastest wind Ive flown it in so far is 12-15 knots, and boy was it quick. It does 30m high loops with ease and whistles through the air passing you on a highspeed run. The speed retention of this thing is just awesome! You can pull knife edge turns with ease and you should check out the roll rate. The fastest Ive seen!
Im not convinced that I have dialled it in completely yet, as it is still climbing slightly when put into a dive. The recommended COG is 4" behind the nose. Ive already moved it further behind by 3/8" and it is flying very well other than that. I think its close but will have to play with it some more. Cant wait to fly it in 30 knots. It should go ballistic! Also looking forward to DSing it. Hoping to do so soon.
By the way, the reason why my Bat is so heavy seems to be that I used 2 layers of fiber tape where advised instead of 1. The instructions tell you where, not how much. Fortunately, my extra tape has probably helped its performance in the end. There is no way my Bat would have half the energy retention without the extra weight, and its stability is excellent. Best of all, the extra weight actually helps in light wind, as it penetrates like a sailplane and "finds" lift by covering a lot of sky fast. It flies almost twice as fast and smoother than the most other EPP wings in low wind. I was pulling loops in 8 knots!
All I can say is that Im very very happy with the overall performance of this plane. I was originally going to buy the Bluto because I wanted its performance, and after reading many of its reviews, I believe the Bat is very similiar (definitely a DS machine). The kit was excellent (nothing extra to buy other than glue) and the wings are very well finished. My only criticism would be the very basic building instructions. Although the diagrams made it very easy, the written instructions to back them up were inadequate. However, in saying that, you can work most of it out on your own. With the problems I wasnt sure about, I got all the help I needed from Ming Lou at Windrider.

All the best. Wazza
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