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It doesn't look like there is any wing warp, and my rudder trim is pretty neutral.

I did two more flights today, took out the 1/2 ounce of nose weight, and switched to a gws 8x4 prop, was much better, and still will not really do a true spin, my CG is about 3/16" behind where the spec says it should be, still a bit sluggish recovering from a right hand bank, I found if I give it a bit of throttle as I give it left it recovered faster, which I think leads me to believe it just needs a bit more air over the rudder to get it to recover from a right hand bank, no problems on the left hand bank recovery, almost a hands off wheels landing now, much more fun. I realize at full throttle it exceeds the motor spec, but I only went to 60% throttle twice, and most level flight and loops were at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle, no need to go to full. My addition of the tape and bamboo skewers instead of the flying wires is working perfect and no signs of any stress, I can pick up the wing by the top wing tips and they don't bend more than 1/4". 9 minutes easily on the 800mah, haven't recharged it to see how much I used.


Originally Posted by PfalzPflyer
Try checking for a warp in the wings (easily corrected with the rigging), and rig in more dihedral. It makes a big difference in these 3-channel jobs.

I think you are right about the bigger prop. Draggy biplanes like big props.

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