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Originally Posted by burkefj
Needed all the rudder I could get. It seems a bit sluggish to recover from turns, needs opposite rudder to level out, from a right bank that was more than 45 degrees from level, it needed full left rudder,(about 1.25 inches throw) and a second or two to level back out or it would just stay in a kind of side slip, I'm wondering if the rudder is getting blanked by the wide flat fuse? It is odd because recovery should be in the direction of the torque, left bank recover was fine.
It flew fine, maybe I need an 8x3.8 as the 7x4 required about half throttle to stay at level flight.

Try checking for a warp in the wings (easily corrected with the rigging), and rig in more dihedral. It makes a big difference in these 3-channel jobs.

I think you are right about the bigger prop. Draggy biplanes like big props.

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