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Thomas Wales
Thomas Wales
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Re: How many times is too many to rebuild a plane?

I once had a GP Ultra Sport 40, (old version) that I loved so much I rebuilt
it five times, It became the subject of a short letter that I wrote and Dick
Kidd published in Model Airplane News "from the shop" Titled "watch your
wire routing" in either the September or October 1996 issue. Can't remember
which one for sure as have since lost my keepsake issue. :-(
But the last crash was due to the elevator and/or rudder servo wiring
chaffing between the bottom of the servos and the fuselage. The resultant
crash was very very devastating to the whole of the plane.
But I would say that as long as the plane remains safe and you still enjoy
flying it then there is no true limit to how many times a plane can be
Happy flying,