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Oh man-
I'll just give you some Ed, I'd love your feedback. I'll do this for anyone who I have work with before and even show you which weight to use and for what application. I want to use it to help sell a few of my new designs and then it'll all go FREE FOR ALL if not sooner. I think I can really save ALOT of heart ache if I show some instructions about application how to's and balancing. . . it's cool stuff. I Maidened, tuned, and DSed my Pink Thunderbird in the stuff today and got 120MPH with it and the Thunderbird was/felt very light at 44 ozs *add 2 ozs balancing weight. Very rough powerful conditions too. I think it could be LOTS heavier AUW for that and the spar seemed a little bord as yet. I KNOW it wants a BIG WORKOUT! Time to SMELT some lead!

And as ALWAYS my Balistic 60" tickled me PINK, well that one is yellow and my all time favorite ship for DS and maybe frontside? have not flown much there lately. That thing is super fast stable and efficient.
Definitely try your stuff Mike! Might not be like mine but, that's HOW I found mine. Maybe your is better! Try it! From all my work lately THE MAIN THING I LEARNED is ALWAYS TRY IT. Just some gay little experiment, and NEVER let someone tell you it will not work unless testing is expensive. Then consider all arguments. Even when you fail you'll usually learn something right there.
I'm sure a talus would like a shiney coat! huh Ed? I'll set all you guys up that have posted so far and lots more up with this stuff for now if you all want 100ft roll of what ever kind you want and or some samples. . . The worst of it is buying 200ft at a time but that seems to help the price! Just PM or call me if we've worked together before and have the #. I think you guys are going to HAVE A BALL. I have so many new ships from this stuff cheap and easy too! Makes flying with RECKLESS ABONDON feel so RIGHT!!! OH YES!!! Like we did today!
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