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The NEW stuff!

Well guys-
I've been designing, building, testing and experimenting ALOT lately. I never would have worked so hard but, each time I tried something new it worked SO WELL my motivation levels skied out so, I've kept at it.
I have had the Canuck cut me 6 cheveron wing Prototypes in the last couple months (40" to 60") and, I have been VERY please with the results. This is my main area of expertise. These ships, "The Balistic Series" have prooved to be EXCELLENT slopers and DSers already. I was matching speeds with a Thorn yesterday using my 60" Balistic. We topped out around 120MPH in a moderate to moderate/strong groove (25-30 MPH winds) doing aggressive laps. Well I was doing agressive laps, the Thorn was having it's maiden DS flight to be fair but moving out WELL none the less. Plus a Thorn and tight circles are kind of an oxymoron.
I have also disovered a VERY consistant way to build ALL wings WITHOUT WING BEDS! This makes the builds super consistant and EASY. I've done a Raider, a bee, and a proto wing I got from Klique, Rite wing. They all fly GREAT with AMAZING low speed performance and just as fast as ever!
I found super sculpty clay a few months before it first appeared here on the groups as well and found some VERY cool fast easy uses for it. It makes GREAT boom holders for CF tube booms. This stuff is VERY hard once cured but a bit brittle till you get some goop on it. Pretty light too. I have also used it as verticle fin stabilizers using it like "book ends" where the fin is a single book pinched in between. Really stiffens it up tortionally that way! and acts as a fairing/fill-it. Did I mention it looks COOL!
NOW for the BIG NEWS-
I have found an AWESOME new covering material! I think, so far. . . It comes in MANY different weights, thicknesses and various properties too. It has a heat activated liquid adhesive that literally sinks into porous cut foam for a GREAT stick without ANY other adhesives AT ALL. As a matter of fact, I have already built 2 combat wings and one plank with it where I have not used any TAPE AT ALL since it seems PLENTY STRONG ALONE!!! That's right NO tape or thinned goop. . . ! Just spars and my covering. The first one I called the Naked Bee, it balanced PERFECT with no tape, a 5 cell AAA and the covering; it weighed 20 OZS and it really kicks butt so far! Its 3 weeks old and tested quite a bit.
I have also built the last 3 Balistics in this stuff (with tape) and BRUTALLY test them. So far duribility has surpassed ALL EXPECTATIONS and it is EASY to apply most all of this stuff except the VERY VERY thick heavy stuff (29gm/sq. ft.) that is COMPLETELY dimentionally stable (NO SHRINK AT ALL and tougher to bend). I call it Plastic plywood and the name is PERFECTLY fitting! I just finished the last Thunderbird I had (PW 51 60" Plank wing) with this stuff and NO TAPE AT ALL and ONLY goop for adhereing gear, tail, and wing to fuse. Mainly just foam, my new spar system and this INSAIN covering and some BIG chuncks of lead in the nose! The Tunderbird weighs 42 OZS off the bench and VERY close to balanced already! Talk about EASY, this ship took me 1 day to build WHILE pioneering the use of this covering AND my new spar system. It took me 1 1/2 days doing it the old way and WAY LESS FUN!
So Ya, I have been testing a new spar system as well under this covering and again so far it has UTTERLY amazed me. It is VERY easy to install this system and the Thunderbird resembles a piece of plywood in stiffness! (that's 3/4" ply mind you, LOL
This spar system is still in testing. It has not flown yet, only bridged tables with weights stacked in the middle of it! I want to test it more before saying much!
As for the covering, Iv'e POUNDED SOLID ROCK AND GUARD RAILS GOING WAY TOO FAST PLENTY of times with ships taped and covered in the stuff and it is TOTALY PROVEN in my eyes and, I'm one MEAN testor!
For now, I'd like to work with the many pilots that have supported me in the past and let them try out this new stuff on all kinds of various builds so we can all learn more. You guys know who you are and many locals here in CO are testing as well. I think Jantar wants it on his new JW's if that is any indication! It can produce light ships as well as heavy ones. YES, the lighter stuff is still significantly heavier then the old Koats, Mono or Ultra but, once you subtract the tape wieght you'll see it really ends up lighter and stronger! The raider I built took a lighter 4 X 2/3 AA, standard servos . . . and it weighed under 21 OZS (VERY LIGHT for a RAIDER) and I can play it like a bongo drum, no sh%t! WAY stiff and I managed to work a BUNCH of the washout OUT of this ship as well to keep it moving FAST at this VERY LIGHT weight. So far it has battled VERY WELL with this build on it!
The main issue I've had with the covering is that it is SO FAST to build with I've COMPLETELY run out of kits to build! Here's just a few of the MANY!
I built these conventionals as proof of concept and they fly GREAT. With these new light stiff coverings and spar systems I would imagine that conventional ship wings could be the BIGGEST BENFICIARIES. I'd be working more there but, this is not an area of expertise of mine. I'm ALL ears if anyone wants to put some time in with me on designing one these! I've got the build part DIALED!
So much easier to LOAD up a sled to with the MEGA heavy stiff stuff too! Much more fun then soaking your brain and cores in goop fumes!
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