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Originally Posted by VRflyer
very cool Damian
an r/c car is very cool to ride around and it's challenging to make, it's harder than a plane because it's smaller, and you must find a solution for backup, lightning etc.
you can add infrared lightning on your r/c car and drive it in total darkness, no one see the car, but you will have clear picture in the goggle or tv like standard illumination. To try infrared illumination, try first by pointing any tv remote directly in the lens of the r/c car camera, you will see it blimp in the goggle. beam the remote in front of the car on the wall, you should see the wall lightning (in the dark of course). You can buy infrared led alone at radio scrap or local electronic store, you plug them in series, they work at around 2.5 volt, so you plug 3 in series for 7.5V aprox.(positive with negative pins). you can install a lot.

My night vision car project:
this webpage is old, I build this r/c car car 10 years ago. This car project lead me to flying r/c plane with camera and it evolve in the creation of this forum to help peoples create their own FPV project.
wow that is very cool! Thanks for sharing. Now I will have a perfect spy plane I might do this or not I will see. Do you think radioshack has the LEDs? If so I might do it and then go scarying people in the dark I will just need a small speaker on the thing and a mic as well since I don't have one. This would be cool

Imagine this. You are under a car and you see someone walk down the street. You move from under one car to another in total darkness When the person will hear your car they will stop and look. There is nothing there! Then you continue to folow them and you start speaking with a scary voice from under the car. They will look and when thaty won't find anything they might be frightened. Also if they will duck to see if there is something under the car you could shoot out from under the car and run away at 20++ mph

That would be cool, I might consider this

Damian (little evil) lol
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