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John Derstine
John Derstine
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RE: [RCSE] Shuttle Columbia pictures from Maui

This page is from Hans Mueller in Germany, He builds high quality Scale
sailplanes in a one man shop in Germany. He is not likely of spamming to get
Hits or votes to his web page. This page is anouncing his 25 year
anniversary, (last year) and likely an error in posting a link to the
shuttle referenced by Tom Nakagawa.
This year celebrate we ours
25year firm anniversary!

That means for you 25 years experience
and continuously high quality
Here is the active link to his page of exquisite sailplanes.


Endless Mountain Models

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We (Airforce Maui Optical & Supercomputing) at AMOS
were able to image the shuttle on it's last flight.
Tom Nakagawa

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