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Originally Posted by Diggs
Wow, seems like a great deal. Anywhere to check out the specs on it? I assume this is a foamy? Any idea of the wingspan? Looks like a good setup and an awesome price. Gotta love a plug n play And welcome to the world of fixed wings.

Don't really know enough about it to give advice on it. The 7000 is way more RX than it will need and the 6100 should be perfect. Setup is pretty simple on a plane. I would say it is easier than a heli anyday. Make sure your control surfaces are flat, and should move equal distances each direction. Aileron is the toughest. To get good axial rolls you want to make sure they move together evenly so one travels up the same distance the other travels down. Let us know how it does, I might pick one up since it is so cheap!

Haha, A plane is far more relaxing IMO. hopefully they won't give you the boot

Yeah Diggs I posted the link to it with the Specs, here it is again Dude
Yeah I will put an AR6100 in it eventually but I had the Ar700 sitting around for my Swift 550 I haven't built so I figured what the hell, may as well use it for the plane.

Thanks for the tips on the setup I will keep all that in Mind. I may just do a build thread on it so other people can check it out. Should be fairly simple to do. I can't wait to try it out. Been practicing planes on the sim, man much easier than heli's all except landing . That is a bit trickier than the helis. We are spoiled just being able to land pretty damn precise and easy. Just bring her in and set er down. Not so much with planes, I am sure I will crash when landing but we'll see. I think I may try the AirThunder 3s 2200mAH Li-PO in it along with my MP2100's. Sounds like it will be fast and fun. I wonder if it will help me become a better heli pilot? If anything it will be cheap to fix!

Check out this cool review by Hobby Merchandiser HM Review.

Should be FUN for Christmas!

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