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thanks for the link. I'm checking them out.

My degree is math. My work is computers. My hobby past few years has been robots.

Outside of the software libraries for the orangutan/atmega, all the code is mine - the kalman comes from my previously mentioned source, but its been heavily modified to fit my model - but he deserves credit - I think his is the root of all robotic kalman code for balancers. Now, I'm adapting all the math to code for my flyer.

I like photography. I saw all these quads from Germany a while back and decided I wanted one - but I am not interested in being a pilot. I have photographic targets that aren't reachable by sight-piloting these flyers.

I'm somewhat motivated by the grand challenges and the teams spending millions to get their autonomous vehicles to work. I've spent less than $500, and I will have an autonomous flyer when I'm done - and I'll be able to get pictures of those targets I've been wanting for a few years now.

My next model will be much more expensive, hoping for 10x size, 10x flight time, 10x functionality - with redundancy, obstacle avoidance, possibly long distance real-time data transmission from photo/video/data sensors. And I will probably invest 10x money I have for current project.
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