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Nice, yet cheap 6-channel radio with various types of mixing in case that's necessary. Hard to go wrong here:

Hope that helps.

May I ask what got you interested in this? Also, where did you get the code you're starting with, or are you mostly recreating the wheel as a challenge to yourself?


Originally Posted by haobuhao
My esc's and motors are from unitedhobbies. The 10a towerpro esc, and kv-1800 motors. all small. The lipos from them as well. I wanted to clarify, I went for 4 batteries instead of 1 because it is more cost effective to replace one smaller one in case things go bad. I will eventually run in parallel, in essence, the same as one large battery.

As I work on finishing this model up, I am designing a larger version. I hope to expand my skillset by attempting to do the larger props on my own - and goals of doing the large props and frame in carbon fiber.

My code captures data from gyros/accels and computes kalman estimates at 57hz on my little atmega168. I also drive my 4 escs at 50hz with servo PWM code. As I was reading through that super long thread (and not done yet), I see that rate could be disadvantageous. I am also working on a fixed point library for my math routines, so possible will get a large improvement in performance once that is completed.

For my larger model, I am looking at those gumstix as a platform. So, as long as I can have somewhat stable dependable flying with current model, it should scale up nicely for the larger flyer and more powerful computing system.

I'm taking some time off from work from now til the end of the year and hope to have some videos of untethered flight posted by then. I don't have a radio yet. I am working strictly on stable hover with a hardlined analog throttle and the flyer tethered to prevent horrible accidents. Once I remove the jitter, I'll untether and test. After those straightforward hover tests, I will try to script in some flight paths - like straight lines, figure eights, etc.

I'm looking at radios on unitedhobbies, but don't know if I want to go there. My whole goal is autonomous pre-scripted flights. But, if you can recommend a fairly inexpensive radio to start with, I'll look into getting one.
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