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I've been using the mikrocopter and uavpe sites for information. I studied German for 4 years in school and it helps, but I haven't dug deep enough to determine the answers to my mechanical questions. I originally thought using the kalman filters would be the answer to all questions, but having two physically distinct motors operating as one directional element does not seem to fit the kalman model. If the motors were equivalent in output, my code works fine as is. I'm still studying. Some papers have recently come out of France and I'm trying to broken-understand that language and add to the functionality of my flyer.

I have not looked at the mikrocopter code yet. I will download today and see how/if it builds in my world.

My processor is atmega168 piggybacked on the orangutan controller from Pololu. All my coding is done with avr-gcc. My kalman is based on Trammel Hudson's kalman code that is all over the net. My sensors are from sparkfun, adxrs300 gyros, adxl330 accelerometer. I also have a barometric pressure sensure and gps that I will integrate into the system once I am comfortable with my basic flying. I will probably by the 3axis magnetometer for more exact flying at some point in the future.

4 batteries because I want very long flight times. I need to parallelize the battery setup instead of powering each motor with one - that's this weekend's work. My initial thrust tests indicate that at 38% of max power, I can lift 880g (weight of the flyer and batteries). Potential exists to lift an addition 1400g. I want a camera on here at some point.

When I'm done with this model, I am going to build one that is much larger, MUCH LARGER!
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