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Bert Magin
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Re: Altimeter from Estes Rockets!

Get a LoLo:

"Scott D. Orr" <> wrote in message
> On 28 Mar 2003 23:48:29 GMT, (MSu1049321) wrote:
> >Saw this today in the LHS> 31 bux, an Estes model rocket kit, ARF, the

> >has a miniature electronic altimeter with direct LCD readout in feet or

> >Looks neat for putting in a 2-meter glider.

> Unfortunatley, it's a not a real altimeter--it's just a timer that
> estimates the altitude based on descent time. If you want a really
> small, light altimeter, have a look here:
> You want the "peak reporting" altimeter. It was designed for rockets,
> but I assume it would work for a sailplane. Email Robert and ask him.
> It goes for $60 plus $5 for shipping, but I'm not sure he has any left
> right now.
> Scott Orr (a rocket guy who just happened to be looking at this
> group).