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Blu-Sail II and the Joy of Monobloc and KFm Wings

Some time ago Tony 65x 55 posted plans for several of his designs using "monobloc" construction and "KFm wings". The common trait of these plans using "monobloc" and "KFm's" is they are easy to build, in-expensive, practically indestructible and to me most importantly designs that are easy adaptable to materials on hand, and last but not least are realistic flyers. Since Tony made his work available to us, I have built three Blubabies, one SE5A, one Pawnee PA36 and most recently the Blusail glider which I converted to a motor-glider. I thought I would post info and pics of this build here in a new thread, as it was introduced over in Tony's Pawnee thread: post 713 and has gotten buried over there. My maiden report on the first build is posted later in that thread.

This design is literally a one day build. On my third flight, I broke the fuselage in three pieces attempting a high-speed loop. This is the second fuse, structurally more sound and 1.5 oz lighter including paint. I haven't maidened it yet (no rush since we are being pumbled with high winds for the next few days) so I decided to throw a little paint on it. As you see it here, the parts are just sitting and not glued together yet. As usual, I welcome any comments or feedback. Bob

UPDATE: Here are Tony's Blu-Sail Plans copied over from the Pawnee Thread. I should have done this in the beginning. Bob
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