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Originally Posted by Dennis157
Premium Rust Oleum is glow fuel proof, Except silver colors

Below, email to Rust Oleum


I am building a radio controlled model airplane finished in balsa wood sanded to 320 grit.
I am looking for some finish to end up with a nice glossy appearance.

That finish has to be "fuel proof".
The fuels used in "glow engines" is a mixture of methanol (also known as "wood alcohol" and it's percentage is 100 minus the % of the two following ingredients) and nitro-methane (5% to 30%) with about 18% of unknown synthetic oil (lubricant).

Can you recommend one of your products including the typical application sequences from bare balsa wood to finished nice glossy appearance.

Please do not suggest to me to contact a hobby retail store. I have gone all that route but those people are only interested to sell their hobby lines (like plastic covering applied with heat) and are not really knowledgeable. They are not coating experts like you are.

If you need additional information please contact me at the email below.

Thank you and Season's Greetings,

Good afternoon
Although we haven't done any official testing, we have heard feedback from
model enthusiasts that our standard Stops Rust spray Gloss Protective
Enamels have excellent resistance to model plane fuel. Stay away from the
gloss clear; it's a different resin.
Home Depot Canada may have these paints, if they don't, Ackland Graingers
and SICO are industrial distributors of the Hard Hat and Industrial sprays,
which use the same resin and will have the same resistance.

Rick Braunshausen, Product Support Group
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