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Originally posted by sventek1
Did you read the whole thing? Seems as clearchannel and Bush relations go back a ways. Now what better propaganda tool to have on your side than a huge media conglomerate. Excuse my spelling, no coffee yet.!
Now that is an opinion above. But why when I post a link people think I am automatically supporting it? I post all kinds of links just to see what this forum reaction would be. Im sick of being pinned as a liberal, i am not. Conservative...nope. Human being concerned about this great country's great demise under bush? yes. It all started with Sr's great NWO plan, carried through clintons office and now the joke of a man in office now.
Ok, if you don't have a liberal view point, then what do you call it, super ultra-left wing conservative? You post liberal pointed, provocative links and make inflammatory Bush bashing statements, and then you want to get upset about being attacked? First, I have not attacked you; I have challenged your views and the links you have posted, and second if you donít want your ideas challenged, then stop the attacks. It seems to me the liberal left, not necessarily you, are very use to protesting unchallenged, and now some just donít how to handle it.
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