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It sounds a little like a bag of rocks -- well, not _that_ bad -- perhaps due to the curious idea of putting a 4mm shaft into an 8mm bearing tube. The bearings are a bit on the wimpy side, and there is a bit of play. I don't think you'd mistake this for a "hefty" bit of construction. Oh, and the 4mm shaft is threaded in a weird throwback to the GWS 400-series gearboxen.

Stator is about 34mm x 7mm, give or take a shade. Weight is about 2.7oz. The stator wiring had some goop at the outer edges, but unwinding it was not overly difficult.

Now I have to plan out a wind. The stock wind should be roughly equivalent to 18 turns of 22-gauge, which would be trivial except I'm almost out of 22awg wire.

I gave a tentative test to the idea of using 20-gauge, but it looks like that's a 14-to-15-turn variant, which might be okay since I'm interested in pumping up the Kv a bit. On the other hand, that might be more than I want (rpms tend to go up with thicker wire even if Kv stays the same). So I'll mull around the idea of going 21awg if it looks like I have enough left.

Another interesting thought is trying 30-some-odd turns of 24awg doing a parallel wind. But I'm not sure I have enough of that left either! Tons of 20g, pity that looks unpromising. Going Wye would work easily, but that's hardly any gain on the original wind. Maybe 19awg Wye 10-11 turns? I hate doing the Wye "common tail" with wire that thick...

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