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Hey, I wanna fly too!
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I can remember wearing the cover off a Model Airplane New mag in the mid 70's as a young kid, of course C/L was all I could afford. Years have passed and responsibilities grew and like most teckno geeks, computers became a way of life. But, this summer I decided to start "working to live, instead of living to work".

After beating a buddies Zagi into the ground for a couple of weeks, I got to the point of wanting a more "conventional" plane. Started off with a Terry, got bored - added ailerons. It wasn't fast enough, got a Hawk. Cool, but was looking for something to really throw around in the air. After following the E-Zone thread on the Magic 3-D, picked one up from the LHS. Throw in an Aveox 1406, (Found it in the F.S. section on E-Zone) 12 cells, 14x10 prop and verticals, loops, rolls, WooHoo I will say bringing a plane down on landing gear still makes the palms sweat, but over a dozen landings (I was once told "flying's easy, it's the contolled crashes that are hard") and she's still in one piece. I've been lucky enough to fly other's Mirage (great rolls), F-22 (fun) Crazee ElectricSailplane (not), and a Mini-Max (slooooow)

I'm feeling fairly accomplished for two months of effort, basicly teaching myself with the first two planes and soloing the first time out with the Magic 3-D. Just wish I'd started 15 years ago... Not only is this hobby a ton of fun, but I'd say I've met more people in the last 2 months than in the last years worth of business. And you don't have to guess who I'd rather hang out with... Can't wait for DEAF.

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Terry G Phillips
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