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Originally Posted by guapoman2000
Hey, I would not know say this and I say that.....well, I have actually measured my Power Systems and compared it to this particular P-Calc from Diversity Models and it was pretty close within 10% which is very good. At times the propellers are not all listed and it could be that this makes a big difference along other items.

I usually insert the motor parameters in just to make sure an accurate outcome results but, motors a slightly all different and many makers of Brushless motors test at different regulated Voltages to obtain these parameters.

Lets just say that you just DO NOT like any estimation programs and leave it at that.

Many here understand that these are just estimates.
lol- You've completely misunderstood!

My goal wasn't to argue. My goal was to share information. I've no doubt P-calc may be anywhere from 100% to 75% accurate. The lower range isn't too helpful!

The example I gave was for a system that was set-up using P-calc to try to get it in the ballpark of performance I was looking for. Afterward it was actually measured and actual measurements were a long way from P-calcs estimates. The correct input was used, the props were there, etc.

My agenda was only to warn that online calculators are- at times- far from accurate and cannot be relied on. And it's not that I don't like them, I just think they have a limited role in making important choices. Do some rcg members know this? Of course! Do all? Can't say, but for me it was useful information to share.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps- and instead of keeping this thread OT, you are more than welcome to pm me with any questions or comments, rather than carry on here. cheers
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