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Originally Posted by monkamarm2000
dont forget cooling is nice while running but does nothing for when you shut down, and heat soak after shut down is way hotter than running. specially when you have a fan that has forced cooling built in anyway. cause with Ds while there running they get cooled plenty, but the air doesn't stay long enough to really cool the motor down. But dont get me wrong any added cooling is a great thing! Long as it doesnt adversly effect running loads.

The design is such that the air is pumped in at the front and expelled via the rear, you can still fit a heat sink around it if you wish. My DS94/2250-13 combo has a current draw increase of about 4-5amps at high extended throttle settings as the temperature increases. But fortunatly I only open the throttle full for short climbing bursts.


Just booked my ticket to SEFF next year, look forward to seeing the "Twin" Sparks go if you and "Binocular Bob" can make it?


Ooohh like that idea, have you made an adapter for the inlet registration?
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