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** The Pitts Challenger ** more Plans, Pics and FUN!

The Pitts Challenger

At the request of several RC’Groupers and my flying buddy, Airplane Ed, I was asked to design an aerobatic biplane. After scouring the web for a suitable subject, I came upon the Pitts Challenger biplane. The full-scale aircraft, flown by the amazing Sean Tucker, has delighted air show audiences across North America for Team Oracle.

I started with photos of Sean Tucker’s aircraft and a three view of the Challenger. Wanting to create a solid aircraft that could withstand the knocks of aerobatic flight and was simple to build, I utilized the same proven construction techniques pioneered in the Blu-Baby Primary Trainer. If you can build a Blu-Baby, you can build this semi-scale aircraft.

I also utilized the proven KFm2 airfoil for the top wing and the KFm1 airfoil for the bottom wing. That way, the plane doesn’t know if it is upside down or right side up, it still has the same great lift characteristics.

Rigging is set a 0 degrees for both the stabilizer and the motor mount, also allowing exceptional inverted flight. Control surfaces are large, enabling the aircraft to perform all standard aerobatic manoeuvres with ease.

The aircraft was designed to fly on the inexpensive BP-21 motor, so any brushless motor that produces similar or greater thrust will capably fly it.

As work commitments did not permit me to develop the beta model of this plane, RC’Groups members Tuppertn and Skotman volunteered to do the beta builds. Both of these fine gentlemen rose to the occasion and built the Pitts Challenger. Both have been waiting for weather to clear but at 6:00 am this morning, Tuppertn was able to maiden version 1.1 of the aircraft.

The results are contained in his video and fight report, which will follow this posting. To say the aircraft flew exceptionally well is an understatement. It performs the entire pantheon of classic aerobatics with ease and grace (no doubt due in large measure to Tuppertn’s flying skill) and does it at a speed that most pilots would find comfortable in a park.

This is an exceptional aircraft, combining strength, good looks, manoeuvrability and building ease into a tight package. A word of caution however; Although easy to build, this aircraft is NOT for the beginner or the faint of heart. THIS IS NOT A TRAINER!

Many thanks to Kendall and Scott for participating in the Beta Build. I owe you guys.

Overall Length: 32.9”
Overall Height: 12.08”
Wingspan: 30”
Weight: 18-19 oz
Power: BP-21 or greater
Battery: 3S
CG: 1” to 1.25” back from the leading edge of the bottom wing.
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