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Here's what I was wanting to try for the airfoil. It's a top KF airfoil with the ailerons on the TE of the top step instead of the TE of the full chord: a.k.a. - "spoilerons".

The beauty of spoilerons is that they don't create adverse yaw, which would be a big problem with such a wide wingspan/chord ratio. The obvious advantage is that you don't need rudder input to coordinate smooth turns. In fact, spoilerons create yaw in the correct direction, by only inducing drag on the wing with the raised control surface - slowing the wing in the direction of the turn. Building it into the KF top step keeps it clean and neat... from the ground you won't see servos or control surfaces.

I'll still have to create upswept wingtips with some added washout to reduce tip-stalling at low speed.
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