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Replaced the motor/ESC with a Thunderbird 18/KD 20-22L APS SF 11x7. This setup used app. 14 amp at WOT, app. 6500 rpm, lots of trust.

I liked that setup a lot more. For one,the CoG went where it should have been, the plane became a lot more stable. The extra power didn't hurt either. That etup was producing app. 6400 rpm at 14A (the numbers may be slightly off. I'm beta-testing a new wattmeter product for a friend)

The controls are effective, but not very quick. I have about 10mm deflection on ailerons and elevator; rudder is about 30 mm. The roll rate is about one roll per second. Full rudder does cause it to turn, sort of. Elevator is effective.

Unfortunately, on the third flight I failed to give it a hard enough toss. The Corsair took that opportunity to exhibit some scale-like behavior - dropped a wing and nosed into the ground. At about half throttle. Of course, this simply had to happen when my son (7) was watching.

Broke the motor mount stick, tore off the plastic squares the cowl screws go into. Glued the stick together (we'll see how it holds), used Gorilla glue to fill the holes left by the plastic squares. I didn't like these squares anyway.

Next to try is an HXT28-30B with a GWS 1060 3 blade. This looks almost scale. Static test shows app. 18A for 7400 rpm at full throttle. This is more or less what I want.
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