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several issues/questions:

1) Like TucsonClint, I cannot change the ambient temperature.
Try new release 2.39

2) Like DBono99, I cannot access the lower options. For me, it is an overall scaling problem for the image. I have extra space on the sides of my screen but I cannot expand/stretch the bottom of the image, so the last fields I see across the bottom are Peak Efficiency; Power In, Power Out; and Current. My display is set to 1024 x 768 pixels -- do I have to adjust to use your program? Most images, in my experience, adjust automatically.
I have tried 1024x768, for my Toshiba XP it's OK

3) When I save a result, the propeller selection is not properly saved....usually it brings up a random propeller when I retrieve a saved result. After much trial-and-error, the only way I can find to retrieve the saved data is to a) change the propeller filter in Preferences to the correct set for my chosen propeller (such as APC), b) change the propeller "Auto/to keep #" setting to "to keep #", and THEN open the saved file. Fortunately, I included the propeller info in the saved file names or I could not have made this work.
If you use "auto" (saved) at starting you start in "auto" that means a suggested prop close to Peakeff. For me it is logical

4) I am not able to bring up a printing option inside your image. Your program seems to lock-out a right mouse click.
Try Shift+PrintScreen on your keyboard and use a photo software with the clipboard image.
For now there is no "Print" command, in the freeware

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