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Re: Electric HPI RS4 MT Question

Hi All,

Thanks for the Excellent advice.
Turns out when I disassembled and cleaned the motor I put it back
together with no regard for the timing. (I didn't know that was
important) :-[
Anyway, now that I fixed that little oversight it works normal.

Thank you All,

WebDog wrote:

> Sorry, second thought also. I had that problem once when I had the
> pinion gear to tight on the spur gear. It was loud and the motor and
> batteries got really hot.
> WebDog wrote:
>> I wonder if you tried a smaller pinion gear. I hear you say you have
>> a stock pinion gear with a 13T motor. The stock gear ratio probably
>> assumed a 27T motor.
>> Don93 wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I have an Electric HPI RS4 MT. Lately it has been running very
>>> hot. Yesterday the battery got so hot that it melted part of the
>>> shrink wrapping off. Also, it melted off one of the wire leads
>>> where it is attached to the motor. I was running without the 'inner
>>> body', have installed the 'heat sink motor plate' and it was @70'F.
>>> By getting that hot could it have damaged the motor??? Any ideas as
>>> to what is causing this problem or how to fix it??? The speed
>>> controller does not even get warm. My motor is a 14 turn Speed Gems
>>> (new brushes, recently trued comm)and I was using a 2400 MiMH battery.
>>> Any help would be appreciated.
>>> Thank You,
>>> Don
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