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Originally Posted by PLATINUM
How so Aeajr? I mean its all in the air.. it all flys.. anything we put in the air could be a danger to someones life and or property. What is it specifically that would make you lose your field?
The land lord said we could fly gliders, electric gliders and small, quiet low speed electric airplanes. I don't know how much more clear I can be.

I believe the last two posts likewise should have answered your questions.

However, even if the landlord has not placed a restriction, the club has every right to do so. All clubs, are formed by people of a common interest. Their interest may not be your interest. That interest may be very specific in scope. Some clubs only fly scale models because that is what interests them. Some fly gliders. Some fly all kinds of planes.

Either give it a try or join another club, or start your own. Why should your interests negate the interests of every one else.

I started on electrics, and I was using 27 mhz equipment. A number of clubs would not accept electrics, at the time. Others would not accept 27 mhz radio systems. I just looked till I found one that accepted both. I was not interested in gliders AT ALL. But I joined to learn to fly and to fly may electric planes.

Four years, I am an officer of that club, I fly gliders 70% of the time and now fly gliders in competition. I LOVE gliders. But I was open to seeing what the rest of the club liked about gliders. Once I tried it, I liked it.

The AMA and the Club are not the same

As noted above, you seem to have confused the clubs with the AMA. They are not, have not been and never will be the same thing. The AMA does not have any clubs of its own, that I know about. Independent clubs may choose to charter with AMA based on the need for AMA services.

AMA can make requirements about safety and insurance and the like but the AMA can't force anyone to do anything beyond that. The only authority the AMA has over the clubs would be to threaten to pull their charter.

I am sure there are many clubs that are not AMA chartered.

In our case we fly gliders and low speed electrics. Occasionally we get people who want to fly high speed aerobatic planes. We don't allow them and the landloard doesn't want them. We direct them to other clubs in the area that fly high speed aerobatic planes.

As long as you make it clear, up front, what your club is about, what you do and don't fly, there should be no problem.
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