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Originally Posted by Aero65
In a recent MA DB commented on how we should not turn away modelers because we do not like the type of models they are flying.

I have also read the stories of certain clubs banning types of flying, turbine, 3D, Electric etc.

I agree with DB's article for the most part there is no place to ban types of flying that other modelers are involved in. Now there are certain times like burn bans, etc. that some aircraft like turbines should not fly.

I don't think that AMA should support clubs that ban certain types of aircraft that are "AMA legal"

What is a AMA member to do if they are a minority in the club and their type of flying gets banned?
You are confusing the role of the AMA and the role of the club. The club is independent of the AMA, and sets its own rules. Not the other way around.

The AMA has no legal authority over what indivudually chartered clubs do; it simply has some guidelines that each club must follow.

From the AMA Clubkit:

1) Your group MUST consist of five (5) or more current AMA members;
2) At least three (3) of the members MUST be over 19 years of age;
3) Aminimum of three (3) current adult members (19 years or older) MUST be named as officers of the club, one (1) officer being Safety
Officer/Coordinator with access to E-mail;
4) Each and every club officer MUST be a current AMAmember.
5) Each and every member of the club who participates in club flying activities MUST [per the AMA Bylaws, Article III, Section
2.(b)] be an AMA member of Junior, Senior, Open, Affiliate, or Temporary 90-day category, or is a current Model Aeronautics
Association of Canada (MAAC) member. An Affiliate or MAAC member may not be an officer of the club.
6) The majority of club activities relates to the building and flying of model aircraft, and its organizational operation is on local (such as
city, town, village, county) versus regional or national level.
7) To charter for 2007, your club must have a current set of bylaws on file that are in compliance with the AMA minimum standard.
8) Provide latitude/longitude for flying site(s) regardless if additional insurance is required.
9) Safety officer must have access to E-mail.

To answer your question, I think each club has the right to ban whatever it deems necessary.
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