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You really are missing the point. We have two fields out here where the site owners have specifically told the clubs that turbines are not allowed. So in your world the club should go ahead and let anyone who wants to go ahead and fly a turbine and thus lose the field for everyone??

Another example. Costa Mesa has set up a model field in a City park. The City has specifically banned everything except unpowered gliders and electrics up to 10 pounds in weight. So again, in your world the modelers who use that field should ignore the City and do what they want and thus lose the field.

The City of Los Angeles has granted a club the right to use a park in San Pedro, but only for gliders and smaller electrics. Again, ignore the restriction and lose the field? And that is helping modeling??

I can go on for quite sometime citing example after example, but hopefully you are getting the idea.

I simply do not understand why it is a problem for you to understand that clubs often have to restrict the types of aircraft that use a field and it is entirely up to them how to do that. The argument that it hurts modeling is silly. Tell me how a use restricted field is not better than no field at all. Certainly in a perfect world all types of aircraft would be allowed to fly at every field on Earth. But that is simply not reality.
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