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Originally Posted by Silent-AV8R
I think it is absolutely up to each club to determine what types of planes are flown. Some fields are gliders only, some are electric only, some are heli only, some ban helis, some ban turbines for various reasons, others have restrictions from the site owners. It is silly to think that every club/field everywhere can accommodate every type of modeling interest.

As long as the reason is not based in some illegal type of discrimination, like we don't allow purple planes, etc. then I see this as a local club issue.
My field flys everything.. gas, electric, helis, foamies, 30% 3d planes, scale, we even have rocketry.

The problem with not allowing people to fly what they want is that it hurts the organization as a whole. AMA has lost membership over the last 5 years.. I would attribute this type of exclusivity as part of the problem. I agree that fields should not be exclusive.. or at the very least they have to pay extra $ to the AMA for the members who might otherwise have joined.
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