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Our club operates under significant restrictions. Some are based on the requriements of the landlord and some are the result of the main type of flying we do, which is sailplanes/gliders.

We fly at a nature preserve. Our landlord, Nassau County, does not allow any fuel planes to be used at the field. We are also to maintain a quiet level.

As a result we fly pure gliders, electric gliders, hand launched gliders and small quite electric planes which are also known as parkflyers. No high speed planes and no loud planes.

Basically, if the neighbors are aware of us other then seeing our planes over the trees, we could end up losing the field.

We have no runway and we do not have a groomed grass runway, so all planes have to be hand launched.

As we are primarily a thermal duration glider club, low speed, non-aerobatic flight is the order of the day. We can have a dozen planes in the air at a time and there are no time restrictions on flights. The winch defines the field rather than a runway.

So, if you know anything about how glider fields operate, they work very differently from power fields that have runways.

We set up into the wind. Whereever the wind blows, that defines where the winch is set and the rest of the field operates around the winch.

So, as a glider field, we operately differently than other fields. If people want to fly fast planes, fuel planes or runway based planes, they join one of the 5 other clubs that operate within 45 minutes of our field.
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