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They fly well - most will take off in around 6 feet/2m, and I get 10-20 minutes out of the batteries depending on how hard you push them.

The white plane is like a monkey on a vine in the air - still suprises me with what it can do - certainly more capable than I am. Will loop as tight as 1m, and has a phenominal roll rate. Yet will slow down nicely to land. Will happily fly inverted, just lerning to hover it, knife edges are next. And I have crashed it hard lots of times and worst thing that has resulted is a broken prop.

The cub is supposed to be a slow flyer, and has a great glide ratio. Relaxed flying.

Hurricane flies fast, and looks fantastic in big banking turns. Got to stay on top of it though, and because you fly it fast and it's not that big you can;t take your eyes off it for an instant.

The SE 5a is relatively new, so still learning what it can do but is quite agile also, and looks fantastic in the air.

So it depends on what you judge as flying well - but I'm pretty happy with all of them. Generally you can build a plane with a 1:1 weight to thrust ratio for next to nothing - so if it doesn't work you just rip all the electrics out and start again.
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