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Sticky kit boats

I can’t keep my big mouth shut and I ended up being volunteered to start a sticky thread on the specifications of the various kit and ready-to-run sailing boats on the market as a guide to newcomers to the hobby. Thanks are due to a friend of Pompebled’s, Arjan, in the Netherlands from whom the following list was blatantly copied. A major omission are boats made in the USA, and if anyone would like to add the details of the offerings from Victor, Northwind, Sanibel etc., plus the various offerings from China, please feel free to do so.

What would be interesting would be to have comments from owners on the ease of assembly/ construction, sailing impressions, necessary mods to make the boat seaworthy etc.
The figures in the table above are based on the information available and my typing skills. Actual figures may and probably do vary.
Sorry about having to attach the table as a word file. If any computer gurus want to try to get the table to show on screen, feel free.
For the time being, here are some links to several of the boats that have web sites devoted to them:
Thunder Tiger Victoria:

Thunder Tiger Voyager:
Thunder Tiger ETNZ:
Kyosho Fairwind:
Kyosho Seawind:
Graupner Micro Magic:
Graupner Saphir: (In Dutch)
And here are some threads with hints on other boats:
Victor V32:
Northwind 36:
Thunder Tiger ETNZ
User reviews, various boats:
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