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Tools and materials needed for the conversion
To perform the conversion of these ESCs you need the following:
  • TowerPro 25A type 2 ESC (multiple sources and different brand names; my source: in Hong Kong).
  • Small sharp siccors
  • Very thin, isolated wire. I still had some old wire wrapping wire lying around which is ideal for this purpose. The wire with plastic coating should not be much wider than a microprocessor leg, and the bare wire should not be wider than a processor leg.
  • Thin tipped soldering iron (doesn’t have to bey anything fancy. I use a very simple Antex M12 12Watt iron without any controls).
  • Wet sponge with the soldering stand.
  • Thin soldering tin intended for use in microelectonics.
  • Desoldering wick (just in case you e.g. bridge some processor legs).
  • Pointed tweezers (preferably the type which close when you release pressure.
  • Microdrill with a small (e.g. 0.5mm) drill.
  • Some foam double sided tape.
  • Some clear solvent free varnish (e.g. one of those small bottles for hobby painting).
  • Strong magnifying glasses. If you can find them and can work with them, stereo magnifying glasses could be seriously considered.
  • Good lighting (one of those hobby lamps with large built in magnifying glasses is ideal).
  • Clean workspace.
  • Printout of critical pages of the manual (always easier to check things off on paper than on a screen, or to even have a critical pic under your work to make sure you do what you see).
  • Simple small volt/multi-meter. Mine is very small, and cost less than 15 Euros. You do need small thin tipped measuring leads to be able to accurately measure resistance or voltage between different processor legs.
  • SerCon serial converter ( or other ISP programming interface and computer with which you can reprogram the ESC.
  • Software for programming ATMega8 chips, e.g. the free PonyProg (
  • ZIP file with firmware and settings for the ATMega8 fuse bits.
  • Patience !!! Do not hurry. Converting an ESC is microsurgery. Hurry and the “patient’ may die. And mistakes can cost you more than just an ESC. I-ve burned a motor or two due to mistakes.
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