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Re: brushless? to hack or not to hack?

The Natural Philosopher <a@b.c> wrote in message news:<3E783A66.8090100@b.c>...
> Matthew Orme wrote:
> > Try the RZ2500A at (couple of weeks for delivery
> > though)

> Yeah. Matthew is building a nice motor. the MINI AC1215 range is also in
> the weight and power ballpark.
> See for some good data sheets.
> Mega 16/15 range is heavier, but you might be able to use direct drive
> on them and save gearbox weight, also AXI 2808 on direct drive is possible.

any other choices?
is the rz2500a ( motor good in the combo they offer
with phoenix 25 controler for 189.00

it is a savings over the hacker but does it measure up and how well?
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