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Millennium SSX Canard with Two Symetrical Wings

The standard SSX canard flys great but it should be even better with the Micro Stick symetrical wing up front. The looks will improve and it could put on a blinding light show. With real lift up there, I expect quicker up an down movements. It has four more square inches of area and I will add 18 more to the converted ailerons to elevator. The CoG will move forward with the added area up front. All you need is a Micro Stick wing, the short section of a fuselage stick and another nose wheel. Jkarpy was in favor of supplying these parts to canard builders. The standard nose assembly is removed just by opening the elevator clevis, removing the retainer screw from the stick splice and pulling the tape from the Light Tenna. It will be put aside for future use and a new front end will be made.The conversion is a snap and will only take a few hours. At present, I will leave the rear of the model as is and will install the new canard at 3.5 degrees of positive incidence. We will have a Model with two wings which will each lift it's share of the load while keeping the fuselage almost level. If you add lights proportionally, the added weight should not upset the CoG. The Micro wing weighed one gram less than the horizontal tail feathers of the standard bird and with 22 sq. inches more area, it will require a heavier loading. Pictures with captions will show you how. Please note that this change has not been tested and you may choose to wait until the flight performance is fully trimmed. Charles
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