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Originally Posted by Cheesehead

Excuse my extreme lameness, but could you please provide a set of the plans, scaled to a 12" wingspan? I'm a Linux user, and lack PDF manipulation tools.
would that be a 36% bb 33" right? i only have the tiled plans, so the stock output wasted about 3/4 of each printed page. in an attempt to streamline this, i cropped the reduced pages & reprinted to pdf 4 per page. i wish i had a way to combine 4 adjacent pages to reduce the amount of cutting & taping involved, but i'm just an unpaid hack. anyways, here ya go... let me know if it prints right or not.

btw, what kind of foam are you planning on using? i figure 36% of 6mm will give roughly 2mm foam thickness.


[edit: tony, maybe it would be helpful to add this on the first post if it works out ok.]
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