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Originally Posted by countrygentleman
E-flite is putting out planes like crazy! Only problem is I want all of them. I wouldn't mind this one in my hangar. I want the Pitts 12. I want the AT-6.

While I agree I love the way the kits look finish wise, and handling wise, I find them to be utterly weak, and extremely fragile.

They gut the living hell out of the fuse's to make them light enough to perform good, and unfortunetly it makes the airframes to week imo......

They look like swiss cheese, and no nitro plane would ever fly with a structure this poor.

My mini pulse is a testament to there overly lightned designs. The plane weighs barely a pound but I can rip the whole tail section off the plane just landing it roughly.

Does fly like a dream, but thats because it weighs nothing lol.

They need to beef up 90% of there kits before I buy a single plane more from them. I'm going to buy more "electrifly" kits from Great planes, there's are tough often glass fuse's, heavier, but more scale flite characteristics, and they don't crumble under rough landings for the same comparable price.

I was amazed when the tail came off my mini pulse to see inside the fuse at just how flimsy this plane was, its a miracle it even flies without coming apart, others have had the elevator's snap during mavuevers I'm told.....

Maybe I should static display it and take the electronics to another plane, it's a sweet looking plane to keep flying it and ripping parts off of

You know something is wrong when it floats better then my foam PZ typhoon
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